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Dr. Marian Miller

I love the work I do: exploration, healing, and resolving acute and long standing challenges. I have created this website as an easy tool for you to explore resources about my methods of healing. I have also included some of my favorite websites, books, podcasts and apps. Mahalo!

I also find joy in helping with life management, assisting people in their homes with organization, and releasing those items that no longer serve them. When I was younger and more apt for heavy lifting, I would help patients who were hoarders. It was a visually satisfying experience to see the changes, as well as the alteration that takes place within the person.

 At the age of 24 I was trained in Transcendental meditation, and I practice meditation daily in my own life. I attribute this training as placing me on a path of healing with gratitude. From there it launched me into additional healing modalities such as holotropic breath work by Stanislav Grof and other nature based treatments.

I am trained in many modalities that resolve the human nervous system “overload”. Please click on the Resource page for more information. 

As I move towards working part time my joys and hobbies have become being a solar eclipse chaser and continuing my love of surfing, snorkeling, hiking and gardening. 


Thanks for contacting me!
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