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HMSA Online Care Enrollment

When enrolling, information must match your subscriber ID card.

 1. Go to:

2. Enter demographics (First name, last name, email)

NOTE: Accounts cannot share same email address.

3. Create password. (must be at least 7 characters, contain at least one letter and at least one number).

4. Agree to terms of use by clicking the check box.

5. click "sign up"


11. Select whether you are the primary subscriber of the health plan account by clicking Yes/No.

NOTE: If you select "No" you will need to enter the primary subscribers information before proceeding.

12. Click "continue"

13. Congratulations! Your account has been created!


6. Set your current location to "Hawaii"

7.Enter Date of birth. (Month/Day/Year)

8. Select Gender (Male or Female)

9. Commercial plans: Select HMSA for health plan.

10. Enter subscriber ID number (exclude first three letters) 

Example: R001234567890

1. Login

From a computer:

From a Mobile Device:

  • Download the free Online Care mobile app

  • Login with your email and password.


2. Select HMSA's Online Care Practice

  • Locate and select the appropriate practice according to needs. (Primary care, Medical care, Behavioral health, Specialty care, etc.)


3. Select your provider

  • Select your provider you are scheduled to have an appointment with or use the search feature to find the provider by name


4. Get Started

  • Parent with dependent(s) have a choice of who the visit is for. Choose yourself or the dependent.

  • Complete the intake form questions.  Select a Pharmacy (if prompted)

  •  Agree to the terms of Use

  •  Click Connect to start the visit

5. Congratulations! Your visit will begin shortly.

  • You will now be place in the waiting room while provider reviews your information 

  • Once the provider connects, you will be able to see and hear each other.

  • When your visit is over, click the red End button.

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